Turbomix® mixers with fixed bowl

Descrizione macchina

Suited for handling all dough-related problems, its range extends from 40 kg to 300 kg of dough; all mixers are fitted with 2 speeds, 2 timers, and inversion of the bowl.

Reliability is ensured through refined yet extremely simple and robust mechanics.

The wide, shallow bowls combined with the central column allow you to easily cut through the dough and remove it with less effort.

Homogenous and prefect mixtures, both large and small, with an optimal temperature can be obtained thanks to the degree of inclination of the spiral arm with respect to the column, all of which is supported by the careful design of the revolutions of the bowl. The oxygenation is improved by the particular inclination of the spiral arm.

The version is available with a single motor for the spiral and a bowl for the 40 and 50 kg models.

The “America” version is available for models of 90 kg or greater, version with motors and an enhanced electrical system for heavy and intensive kneading.

A number of options are available on request such as temperature sensors, electronic scales, bowl scrapers, and a digital touch screen with 100 memory slots for recipes. You can also request for the entire structure of the machine to be made from high resistance stainless steel, variable speeds of the spiral, a second speed for the bowl and, for those who want it, the protective grill can be substituted with a plastic or stainless steel cover.

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